Sunday, November 17, 2013


me : do you have a blog?
A: ada ke orang ada blog sekarang?
me: *speechless*

Its hard to explain,

I still blog, though once I while, I still do, and I like doing it,
I still keep a diary with me, maybe I do not write everything daily, but I still do.

Its hard to explain,
Because writing here, jus makes me feel, satisfied.

I do not mind, either that I have less than 10 viewers or maybe none,
because I know that my blog is always viewed by Him and the Angels.

Compared to updating statuses,
or twittering way,
or even instagram-ing,
and many more,

I still think, I need to keep blogging.
Indeed I do.

Its not about viewers, or likers, or commenters.
Its something unexplainable,
because you have got to do it to understand it.

Like doing da'wah,
you wouldn't totally understand and know how it feels unless you start doing it.

So which ever you prefer,
its up to you,
to choose.

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