Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ana musy arif zayy keda

To me, arab was such a hard language to conquer. I could not, and did not know how to motivate myself to even get involved by this language itself.

At that time, I just couldn't bring together arab language, and the language used in the al quran were just the same!

Until I reached here, in Egypt.

I was so excited to the fact that after this, I might not need to use the translation upon listening to an ayat recited.


So once I reached here, and settled down and realised one thing.

why on earth are these arabs talking a mixed language?

instead of ana azhabu ilal madrasah
they were saying ana bitruh ilal madrasah
(the sentence above bothe means i want to go to school)

so it was bitruh, not azhabu

then ana uridu bikilo thaum wa jazar
they would say ana aizah tum wa gazar bikilo
(the sentence above means i want to have a kilo of garlic and carrots.

so now, it was aizah instead of uridu, tum istead of thaum, gazar instead of gazar.

pelik sangat waktu tu, tapi I acknowledged it as loghat egypt mungkin, macam kita ada bahasa kelate, nogori, teghengganu so its them with ammiya.

Now one day, I was in an arabic class, its a class where we learn arab fushah, which is the proper original arab language, when in one incident I accidentally used ammiya language,

"ustazah, ana muta akhiran awi, maalisy, ana ala sharie, lakin zahmah awi!"
(ustazah, I am so late, I'm sorry, I was already on the streets but it there was a traffic jam!)

my teacher kept quiet at first and then she said in a low tone,

"aqeelah, la yujad awi, la yujad maalisy, la yujad sharie, la yujad zahmah, kullu ammiya, limaza?"

and she explained further,

" ammiya language was a language created by the kuffar. kononnya bahasa ammiya ni di katakan untuk memudahkan bicara, menyenangkan sebutan, tapi hakikatnya ia menjauhkan kita dari bahasa arab fushah,  even an arab cannot understand proper arab, worse, it furthers us from the Al Quran, not only do they not know arab, but they also find it hard to read the Al quran,this is their war on us muslim, ghazwul fikr!"

Allah :'(

i was stunned to know that.

hakikatnya, memang bahasa ammiya mudah, dan kadang, terkuasai ammiya instead of fusahah sebab ammiya mudah, digunakan by the people here.


Begitulah serangan dari arah yang tak disangka-sangka, dan tidak diketahui.

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