Monday, February 4, 2013

ironically 'zhon' was easier said

Crushed, slapped, broken into pieces,
that was how hard, that slip of statement hit me.

I question myself, me and you,
does this road make you go astray,
for you to come out with such a say.

I wonder and ponder,
what on earth did go wrong,
was it because i wasn't strong?

I know this is too fast,
to make everything yet to become past,

you haven't concluded
nor have you deluded,

of what have you to decide
and to become of pride

wouldn't you give it a go
and perceive jalan dakwah, either high or low,

I love you dear ukht,
with all my heart and soul
with all my flesh and blood,
to let you go off all alone

off guarded, unloaded,
into this world of mirage and fairytales,
that shadows the beauty of Jannah,

dear ukht,
find your sword and shield,
to protect from the hunger of dunya,
or from the silent killing shaytan,

dear ukht,
analyse, decide and get going,
no matter what you choose,
I will always love you.

Your ukht,

Deeply, I truly hope you choose us though :'(

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