Tuesday, January 1, 2013

two o thirteen

Today is the first of january two thousand and thirteen. Yes, sudah berganjak setahun. Hakikatnya, kalau ikut kalender kita, sudah lama kita masuk 1434 right, sudah beberapa 'syuhur' which is month passed by. Dan tekad yang tinggi after maal hijrah to keep on track the hijriah calender, tapi then after a fortnight dah lost count and pejam pejam celik dah masuk bulan safar -,- .

Thus, its kinda sad sebab belum berpeluang untuk gunakan tarikh according hijriah calendar secara berleluasa. Pernahlah juga membicarakan perkara ini with housemates, and our resolution was, we have to encounter ustaziyatul alam at first, in order for the whole world to use the hijriah calender, and to reach the top, kenalah bermula dari bawah, and kenalah work for the first step : individu muslim.

Imam hassan Al banna, came up with the maratib amal, for us to have some guidance, where we are heading and how to head there. And it is our responsibility to ensure that people around us are eager to purify each other in being a very humble and responsible slave of Allah. And usrah is the solution.

Usrah.Bulatan gembira.Sharing.

Whatever you call it, as long as the liqa' is to remember Allah and cleanse ourselves, so baaaaam! You've landed in such a miraculously place, the surreal pit stop before entering Jannah.

Its not with whom we are having usrah with, but its why we are doing usrah?

kenapa nak usrah?

kenapa kena bawak usrah?

As simple as to get His redha.

Thus resolution for this new year. 2013. A year full of hopes and dreams. A better year.

As an individu yang muslimah :)

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