Tuesday, January 29, 2013

midnight ramble

Sometimes, I just forget, that I'm human.
Sometimes, I just forget, that its been a while since asked from Him.
Sometimes, just sometimes, these feelings come, to wake me up.

To wake up the sleeping giant.

Teringat jaulah langkawi bersama akhawat, that beautiful memory, still placed preciously inside me.Bukan tak pernah pergi langkawi, pernah je, but the feeling was different with them.

That magical different.

I guess, I just have to give chance for another magical thing to happen again right?

The stunning panaroma captured, the exquisite surrounding shown and the happiness glowing in the faces, creeps jealousy inside me.

Jealousy that overshadows the intentions.

Dangerous and intoxicating shaytan never fails to stop whispering to the qalbu, to do according to hawa', I know its wrong, I just simply forgot.

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