Sunday, December 9, 2012

| rintihan hamba-hamba yang kurang memahami

Nobody likes pain,yet pain is a blessing because, no pain no gain right :) - dr hala from the physiology department
Yes, pain is painful. When we lean to humans. Humans who are His creations. When we hope that humans are the source of happiness, and we don't feel contented, then we'll be truly sad. Because the one who we should put our tawakkal on to is Him. Purely Him with no leaning on to.

Pain is ujian. Pain is adjustable. Its either bearable or intolerated.

In faculty, this current module is quite tough. Dealing with thousands of nerves anatomically and physiologically isn't easy. But to this extent, I'm always awed with His creations!

How Allah detailed every single bit, even we have things going on in the body without or concern, like the haemoglobin continuously giving oxygen to organs, or glands secreting necessary humans, at the right time to the right place.

Dan kali ini, menyaksikan, kalam SubhanAllah tidak henti-henti diucapkan oleh para duktur dan dukturah setiap lecture mereka.

Jujur, His creations are beyond the thinker of a slave, thus meningkatkan iman kita dek kerna kesedaran kita yang hanyalah insan yang bernafas dalam jiwa hamba ini.

Now, regarding the pain thingy,

Right now, it is so painful of going through the phase of nafs invasion.

Laziness, ungratefulness or even sadness is painful, and if only we managed to squeeze in alhamdulillah, then, its a blessing from Him.

If the pain is hard, say alhamdulillah
If the pain is beared, say alhamdulillah too.

Currently, the people of Egypt, are going through a lot to be frank. Since their freedom has been suppressed for nearly a century, since the country was too over by Jamal Abdul Nasser up to Hosni Mobarak, no wondered, the end up growing up in a not so well developed country.

Thus, with Dr Morsi currently leading, they are still adapting with this new leader. Changes after changes might be too much for them, but still, they really need to renew everthing from start, because what Dr Morsi is doing them a favour. For the sake of the Deen of these people.

Islam creates civilisation, and Dr Morsi realises that, thus, He wants to apply islam to this country. Kita doakan mereka eh .

I was in Manshiyyah last weekend, and there was a small demonstration on the roads. And from my observation and hearing, I could catch some few phrases which was heart breaking, like

"ikhwan ikhwan bara bara"

which meant something like, 'out you go brotherhood muslim(IM)'

I can't blame them fully for not understanding Dr Morsi's mission, but they could at least give a chance for him to lead several years.

Mana mungkin, untuk bangunkan balik Mesir, mengambil masa sehari mahupun 100 hari? Even Rome wasn't built in one day, thus nothing but patience is the solution.

Key of essentials : patience.

To the people of Egypt, I beg you to be patient, I know I wouldn't understand how you all felt during the oppression by the dictatorship before this. But I believe in Allah, His plans, to you and to me. Isn't that more than enough?

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