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red is not for red riding hood

The numbers of martyrs, are increasing, showing no signs of decrement. The israelis are continuosly invading as if they don't even have the idea of backing off.

Numbers will remain numbers, but Allah will count all the blood spatted out form these innocent bodies, the bombs exploding here and there with the most stupid reason of them 'self defending themselves!'

what more do they want?

isn't it enough, already splitting there families apart?

isn't it enough killing them like hunting gazelles in the wood?

we are talking about human beings, not barbie dolls!

The whole world knows the truth, the X files of Gaza itself. How the prolonged invasion by the israelis, must be put to a stop.

wait, does the whole world truly knows?

we share the same bond.

we share the same fikrah.

we share the same aim.

so were one.

if only truth was a tongue, how the cowardice would have been put into justice long ago, punished vividly for their unlawful actions.

The updates of Gaza strip attacks, have never failed to leave a mark in my heart, scrolling down the newsfeed, looking at the people of Gaza, headless, blood smeared all over the body,  how can one just look without feelings.

tearfully, may the dua's reach them, may Allah bless them in all their jihad.

If salahuddin al ayyubi was here, he would be the first soldier to run to Gaza and rescue them, attack back the cowardice and put them to justice.

He would definitely do that.

The problem is, he is not present, but we exist,

thus, even by wishing that, Gaza will be safe, is the least we can do. Who says thats too insignificant?

Hey, Allah counts every single scrape of good deeds.

so, fastabiqul khairat :)


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