Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Cancer is when unwanted cells take over a region of the body. Unwanted or impossible love is like a cancer of the heart that only God can cure-yasmin mogahed

I hope there is no necrotic cells of the brain due to over usage and deep thinking :D. Tomorrow is my first examination for this semester, and I admit, bluntly, that I have done put such inadequates effort that I myself think so.

Pondering back, neither have I stayed up late nor have I done endless notes.


To leave your hope to Allah, you must insert thorough efforts and du'as first, and then tawakkal, but if you are in a condition of unreadiness, thus that ain't a good sign.

Ain't a good sign indeed.

usaha itu manifestasi tawakkal kita-roomate terchenta
And it made me thinking, what if tomorrow was never a tomorrow, will I be ready? Busied by the examination of the dunya, have I put aside the examination of akhirat?

Thus, my dear fellas, renewing intention is the solution to all. Renew your intentions that what ever you are doing is because of Him.

Incase you die, shortly after this, at least you wouldn't regret, because you did not put aside Allah in your life.

The door to dunya, is by opening the door of akhirah first. Once you have put Allah in your heart, then all your life, your rizq, your feelings will come along. Because, it is He who owns all right ;)

I reread my previous post and sighed again, how sometimes, karma occurs, I'm tested with what I say. And when these tests come,

its Me against Iman,

the battle begins.


Esok exam, pohon doa dari akhawati fillah sekalian :).

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