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I have safely reached alexandria safe and sound, alhamdulillah.

I look to my left, I see Arabs and then I look to my right, again I see Arabs.Even though this certainly feels surreal, yet this is reality.

Before I even touched the ground of my home, have I already seen Arabs not queuing and shouting at each other at the passport counter.


if only they had the guts to be patient and queue, then all parties would be happy, and things could be processed in a harmonic tone and quicker, wouldn't they?

*sighs heavily*

But the cliche goes, arabs will remain arabs.

Harsh, loud, determined and aggressive.

And this reminds me of a tale an akhawat told me regarding arabs that changed my perspective completely towards arabs.

Once upon a time, in a not so faraway kingdom, where people were worshipping stones, lata and uzza and many more of its kind, a boy, named Muhammad was chosen to be the messenger at this kingdom.

To clean away all the mess of the people, to change from jahiliyyah to 'arifah, from worshipping many to worshipping the One and to be a mankind.

That was Islam, from Allah, taught to Muhammad through Jibrail.

Now people, as we know, Arabs, are very aggressive and heartless people they care less of others but themselves.

So subhanallah, after series of events, dakwah and qudwah hasanah from the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Islam managed to make its way in the hearts of the arabs.

Imagine that.

Umar al khattab who killed his own daughter heartlessly could cry by just hearing the words of Allah.
Ikrimah, the son of Abu jahal, the number one enemy of rasulullah albeit they were relatives came running to rasulullah for islam after hearing the words of Allah

And many more of these 'magical' tales of arabs falling in love with islam.

now, here comes the point.

If the heartless and aggressive arabs could accept islam, what about us?

us, who could cry for no reason
us, who pitied the poor and unfortunate
us, who still wanted to be a better mankind

thus people, what are we waiting for?
once 'hidayah' comes knocking the door of your heart, please let it in, if 'ad-deen' wanted to be your other half for the rest of your life, please let it be.

Our ad-deen is the most precious of them all, that is what differentiates between us all.
Muslims and the non muslims.

Once I say, the shahadah, then you and I share that bond of aqidah, the greatest bond ever, that ties and unites us all together, despite races, colours nor countries.

nothing can get in the way when it comes to Allah and Rasul.

May allah bless us all for each effort that we try and do, for Allah's sake.


Fi amanillah people :)


cikgipauh said…
FI AMANILLAH ukhti. fi amanillah. =D

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