Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ole-ole from far.

I had pinched myself for the umpteenth time to make myself clear that I am not there anymore, I have left the place, which pretty much bookmarked my heart with its name.

On the night before we returned home, we sort of like made the last detour around the town of Bandar Seri Begawan, ate ice creams , met up with akhawats , had dinner and certainly enjoyed every minute of it.

My jaulah partner, kak mimi said, such a beautiful quote that I myself had the same thing in mind which was,being such a small country and have people with big hearts,

There is too much to pour down here since I landed and arrived safely at home, I would love to write every sharing sessions that we did, every 'ole-ole' from the osem akhawats, every meaningful persinggahan to such beautiful and historical places and the list goes on and on as I can rant on and on.

But let me save it for a while, let me recover myself for sometime, preserving this feeling of contented. This feeling of being in a place that you have never expected or imagined. This feeling of how your heart aches due to missing the sweet smiling akhawats,

Which leads me to share something that I have kept inside me since the very beginning I was there,

An ukhti shared, jalan dakwah and tarbiyyah is pure, with no contamination of sins or whatsoever, so how can Allah, let such sinner like us be on this road? Why does Allah let us contaminate the purity?

And subhanAllah her answer touched me to the deepest.

It was because Allah loves us, and He knows that we sin and continues doing it, but He knows that we want to purify ourselves and want to be purified, and so he gave us a solution that not everybody gets the opportunity.

He lead us the way.

From liking comics to reading islamic articles, we moved on from reading love novels to buying religious books, from wearing just enough-fitted clothing to wearing loose apparels, from being the most sensational gossiper to someone who talks because of Him.

And many more that you get in tarbiyyah.


Positive changes,

And thus, he cleaned us from the sins by letting us being 'washed' in jalan dakwah and tarbiyyah, and so, continuously 'washing' us so that we get His redha, which is permissions to keep on going in life.

To live for the sake of Allah.

Fi amanillah people  :)

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