Saturday, September 15, 2012

| I'm a big big girl, in a big big world


Happy. Sad. Excited. Nonchalant.


They come and go whenever they want, they empower and take control of yourself. And the only way to get back at them, is overpower them with iman.

Feelings are creatures that can't be seen but exist, they are a gift from Allah yet only little realises that, only some are grateful for them, and some don't even bother whether they exist or not.

Today, I got my feelings to empower me, and it caught me by surprise at how quickly I could switch from annoyed to relax, from anger to calmness, from depressed to joy.

And it gave determination in me, that Allah watches us every second without fail.
Yes, I repeat, every second without fail.

He knows when to give us the feeling that suits us, even if we felt that we had encountered such a horrible experience, but beyond that super duper horrible moment, there is a silver lining behind it.

Cheer up, okay!

And so the story of my birthday begins.

For me, birthdays are big issues, i always had my way of celebrating with a mandatory presence of a cake, at least a slice of it and wishes from people who loved you.

Regardless various opinions of birthdays, some may agree and some may simply oppose to the idea of celebrating of it.

Its a yes for me!

For me, its a sign of dignity, it shows that officially, you have just stepped a year older, and then life indirectly goes different.

Some may be better, some may just stay off track, but whatever it is, death still awaits ahead of us!

And so, here goes today, 15th september 2012 which is 28 syawal 1433.

As midnight struck, sue dah (my aunty) came running to me wishing me my birthday! She said I was 21 and ready to be passed 'the key' and i was like, what key?

she even gave me a peck on the cheek and made be blushed because we never do those mushy gesture, but it planted some warm feeling inside, then a dear friend of mine, in Alexandria, nabilah known as nuna wished through twitter.

A girl asked how nuna knew it was my birthday and she said that she even marked her calender!

And then Miza wished through whassap and I got a call from a friend back then when I was in my girls school.

She started the conversation by bombing me with anger and frustration how awful i was to easily forget old friends and not contacting at all in such a long period. But she didn't fail to paint a smile on my face. I felt like I immediately wanted to hug her, because I miss her dearly.She ended the conversation with singing happy birthday to me, after all those telling offs ;)

Then I got a message from che ngah(my other aunty) and lily my adik usrah back in ktt.

So I was greeted through one malaysia methodology!


what I meant was, nearly all sort of methods were used to be wishing me happy birthday, facebook, face to face, whassap, twitter, messages, calls.

And throughout the day, flooded by facebook wishes, twitter wishes, message wishes, whassap wishes, I was flattered,

Even though, some might not remember my birthday, in addition with reminders nowadays, people still care, and bother to wish a simple HB or sanah helwah and not to forget wishes saying May Allah bless us all,

I couldnt say and wish less, except make du'a that you guys may encounter a very peaceful and merciful life,

jazakumullah khair kathiran to all of those who cared.

may our happiness is showered with rahmah!

Sanah helwah Ya Gameelah to me, Aqeelah :)

p/s for my adorable father and mother , jazakumullah khair kathiran for the gifts. And you, for your email .

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