Thursday, August 9, 2012

| the seekers

Ramadhan has reached its third phase, 

while me? Still stagnant and unproductive :(

I continue sinning and repenting, its like a spinning turbo, or a AC circuit, not knowing where to go but turning up and down accordingly,

Thats the current iman mood,

Astaghfirullah thumma astaghfirullah thumma astaghfirullah,

without consequences as I normally do, 

pouring what is deep down in my heart, 

with no certain pattern.

I do not know whether I would want to return to malaysia next year,

after all that has happened to me,

on this short yet meaningful days,

since the very day I landed,

and this bothers me,

either I just decided that for my own good, 

or am I just running away from reality?!

Currently off for Masjid Hopping or I say that the Conquest of My Soul and to seek for the Night of Lailatul Qadr,

Can I be your guest, Ya Khaliq :')

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