Monday, May 7, 2012

| The very thing

status quo : the ummah is in need of help

Yes I know,we have no time to talk over petty matters.We have no time to take into consideration things that won't help in rising the ummah,that won't lead to ustaziatul alam.

Sometimes,I posts are merely post of emotions and what I feel,I salute my akhawats who write posts that are 'haraki' and should be about boostering us to serve the ummah since the ummah is  very critical.

Look around us, how can we sit down and have a cup of coffee when we still don't have a khalifah,How can we sit back and relax when muslims are only islams on identification cards instead of their hearts,How can talk about furu' when the wajib is forgotten?

A big fat question mark right here,on my very own face.

And so I regret of me entering this very thing,regret but trying to find a positive thought on this particular thing.

Oh Allah,forgive me if my niyah at first was not because of You,can I renew my niyah to make this thing get your blessings.


"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

; the marauder's map

And no matter what,this thing bugs me,


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