Friday, May 4, 2012

| somewhere over the rainbow

Whenever some thunderstorm hits you,you never know whether you'll run away from it or you'll stay,enchanting the zikrullah and let it bypass you.

Yes,it won't be sunny throughout the day,because Allah can always shower al-ardh with his magical rain.Hujan rahmat as we people call it.

But alas,don't despair,the rain won't stop putting a smile from your face,especially when you know,that right after being poured by rain,somewhere over there,above us all,in the great blue sky,will be painted,colourful rainbows,the most prettiest that you've ever come across.It'll lighten up your heart and make your day.

Today,it was like that,a lot of things came up and I thought I couldn't face it.I admit I was sad,And I thought I was going to run out of the problems,yes,run as far as i can because no one will catch me right?

But who am I kidding,who am I running away from? As I go on running,I tend to keep running in circles,keep returning to the same place.Until an ukhti,to be precise my kakak naqibah gave me this verse given by my Lord,Allah.

Say:whether you hide what is in your heart or manifest it,Allah knows it, and he knows whatever is in the heavens and whatever i in the earth,and Allah has power over all things

Ali Imran:29

(tears rolling down cheek)

Problems will always show up,and we will always be given choices.Whether to face it like a man,or run off like a chicken but as a hero,tell it to Allah,because he will always show the good of everything,and I repeat,everything.

People will judge,and continuously judge until they lose their heads off,but I know someone who will never judge me,who will always love me for who I am,and thus,I should be grateful and not run away from what He gave me.
And yes,it is Him The Most Merciful of All.

I love Allah,to the fullest 
(I think I can't manage to put a fullstop on that I guess,teehee!)