Friday, December 16, 2011

| manusia memang fitrahnya sering lupa dan alpa.

a medicine to this lonely heart,
as the words from the Creator consoles the pain inside,
as it is an indescribable feeling,
the urge to not stay back from this dakwah,
as not to be a selfish person,
and continuously holding hands with many,
to enter His Jannah together,
by spreading the words of Islam,
and to keep walking on this road even though the pace is slow,
and to keep standing up each time falling,
to keep reminding the Lord is the Greatest compared to us,
and the reason to continuously shed the tears because of Him.

Buat ukhti sekalian,saya sungguh rindu kalian,gelak tawa kalian,bermesyuarat tentang adik-adik,berjaulah bersama-sama,bergaduh kadang kala dan bercinta kerana dia, ayuh terus terusan mengejar cintaNya, dan menjadi benteng pertahanan Islam!

Buat Athina,jazakillah sangat sangat, sesungguhnya,walaupun berjauhan namun tetap merasa kemanisan kurma itu kan?

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NorAthina said...

:):) manisnyee~

Kiki, macam mana kat sana, dah ada adik usrah ? ^^

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