Friday, December 9, 2011

| hiatus

I need a break.detachment from the cruel,no,no the world itself isnt cruel.indeed not!it is,then again Allah's creation.

I just need a break from the revolution and evolution of the world itself.Away from the people full of masks and false.Away from the ongoing technology.Immensing in the dunya might then again make me drown in misery,please Lord,take me with you.

and alhamdulillah in this dunya,people are still changing and turning into new leaves,making hijrah,from the worst to the best,i read blogs,statuses of my friends,and also jumping from blogs to blogs of a whole bunch of unknown people,even though we dont know each other,but the bond of aqidah running in our veins make the ukhuwwah stronger,yes it does! Knowing that everyone is believing and in love with the words from Him,our Creator.

and the best part is,when we get to see Him in the Garden of Delights ,we all cry of happiness mashaAllah,its an honor indeed to meet Him.

He is Allah,the Creator,the Shaper out of nothing,the fashioner.His are the most beautiful names.All that is in the heavens and in the earth gives Him glory,and He is the Mighty,the Wise.

until then,
let it be me against the world.

what a nice feeling to be in love with Allah.No pain,no disappointment,no worries.Just blessings,mercy and peace.

what a nice feeling indeed,
Oh Allah .

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nadhirah said...

i know how that safe,be strong, Allah is with you :) imy.