Wednesday, November 9, 2011

| tracing the footsteps of Al-Habib

shine your mercy like the sun, and be gracious as the earth

let your kindness come like rain that cares not whom it falls upon
and let ocean deep your wisdom be, your heart and lanterns spreading peace
give yourself in love of him, be like al-habib

and in your deepest needs and in your deepest grieve, call on him in humility
place your trust in the one, to whom creation turns
you'll find redemption and find peace

be a blazing fire of truth, be a soothing balm of peace
with the light of your sincerity, break the clouds of tyranny
let your faith be like a blessed tree, give your shade to all who seek
may your roots run true and deep, take your strength from al-habib

and all the certainty will bring tranqulity, contentment with allah's decree
give thanks for all that comes, be patient and know that someday you will return to him

hold fast to the company of the folk of certainty
through the gaze and through your love for them,
may you be as one of them
be as gentle as the whispering breeze, spread solace to the world we're in
let your heart and soul be mirror clear, give life and love to al-habib

and stand before allah like nothing else exists, and worship him like you are seen
be with all creation and all your deeds and words
as though you have no self to clean

for my akhawats,

yes I miss all of you,
yes I miss the moments we were together,remembering Him together and reminding ourselves because of Him,
yes I miss the time we laughed and cried together,the moment we fought because of misunderstandings,and how we always had trips outside,going out to see Allah's creation using our hearts,eyes, and ears.

for my dearest sisters in czech republic,

adilah,jawahir,maryam,nabila,amanina,azila and azira,
the biah there,its amazing,i've heard tonnes of stories there and I hope that all of you bring back something for us,be a superb da'ie and lets repent the world full of misery to a world full of happiness inshaAllah.

for adilah,
yes its true,we had rough moments once in a while,and when you love someone and you start feeling attached to one another,you easily get mad in the slightest movement one makes,I'm sorry and guilty in making you mad,and at the same time,Im just glad you are happy as can be,surrounded by wonderful sisters there,send my love to them dear.

for my dearest sisters in India,

to name some lyana,wanee,nad,miza,ilan,kown,athai,hazlin,reen,mimi,izzati,nadiah,harisah,mayang,ayuni and loads more ,
the land of maududi is adventurous,go explore the world and spread the words of Islam,part of me is still with the rest of you,since our sisters are mainly in india,but im trying to purify my niyah just for the sake of Him and to accept what has been stated for me,to learn to accept.

for lyana,yes I do remember our talk on your bed,I miss moments,spending my time with ukhti,but my dear,I guess you are going through a hard time too,and its easy to say,dont worry unless I put myself in your shoes,its not easy,but only we can make things easier by accepting everything happening around us with a sincere heart,I love you ukht.

for miza,thank you for loving and being loved,a big big big thank you and a big hug is all i want to give to you right now!

for my dearest sisters in Indonesia,

athina,afiqah and little hazirah,
may magical moments given by Allah for you there happens to soothes you,we are never alone,and dont forget to seek from Him,since he is the Giver and he is the Acceptor,so just ask for anything and Allah will grant happiness for you.

for athina I must say that yes,its been a rough start,but rough starts is like a must,especially on this road,and reading your comment really make my eyes start to water,yes,I feel useless and hopeless,I forgot that Allah was always beside me and my beloved sisters we always hand in hand to support each other,jazakillah ukht

for my dearest sisters in malaysia,

elis,lily,syamim,ida and the kakak2, to be precise kak ain abas,kak ain samad,kak maziah,kak arifah
we met because the sake of Allah and the bond gets stronger as the distance becomes longer,all those happy circles we made is carved in my heart waiting for its owner to start appreciating all that is happening around grateful i was to even be known of tarbiah itself,alhmadulillah.

elis said,we want to be special in front of Allah's eyes,so we have to act extraordinarily,and the moment she said those beautiful words in front of me, my eyes started watering,I want to be special in front of Allah,I do, I do.

we all do.

so, dear sisters,be like al habib,to be special in front of Allah,follow the traces of our Rasulullah and inshaAllah , we will be loved deeply by our Creator.

I miss Rasulullah,and to be remembered by him is an honour, thank you so much dear Rasulullah.

yet when you master all of this, forget not your neediness
were it not for allah's grace, none of this can be achieved
so be humble as the lonely earth, that all creatures walk up on
be the slave of the most merciful, take your light from al habib

so shine your mercy like the sun, send your light across the earth
let your kindness flow like rivers, quench the thirst of all who come
and let mountain strong your spirit be, let your heart melt out of love for him
take the road that leads to him, may you be with al-habib

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nadhirah said...

dearest aqeelah,it is so touching to know that you are hanging onto everything bravely with so much strength one can give. i adore you for that and i am inspired to keep it burning,keep it fresh between us, between everyone and most importantly between me and the Creator. thou the road seems unclear and full of thorns, i''ll bare in mind that someone like you is facing that too with courage and bravery.hoping to skype with you sometime soon,imy like crazy oready :)