Monday, November 14, 2011

| Especially for you, Una

on october 26th,una sent me a message through facebook,but silly me,i didnt seem to notice it until now,what have I been doing all these while?

today,una is going through a big examination,SPM!I know Ive already passed the examination two years ago,but with parent still in mecca for hajj,big sisters at universities and all alone there in dungun,its saddening and depressing.

i still remembered how i cried tearfully with ummi through the phone when i saw parents after parents seeing their children,but mine never everytime i called ummi,i would cry till i couldnt speak,and ummi tried to calm me down but it failed,i was helpless and restless,until one day, a blue honda city came into the school compartment,abah came to see me, all the way from shah alam!

and i think una feels the same,but she's just okay,i think so.and to me,she is so tough,the toughest among us all i suppose!

I miss una,and the fact that people keep mistaking me with her,makes me feel more attached to this dearest sister of mine.

Dear Una,

Examinations are a norm,we always go through 'exams' in our life,or we rather name it as 'tests',either to wake up early,to be a little more hardworking,to do more ibadah and etc,the difference is,now you are undergoing a big examination more to the dunya,SPM,its going to wrap up your school years,so enjoy the days while it last,dont just be with books,make sure to spend time with Allah,friends and most important,give yourself a break from time to time,

During the examinations,dont be nervous and act as cool,as cool as you have always been :),if you think you cant remember a term,or a formula,or a word,say zikr in your heart,and know that,we always forget stuffs,so we return back ourself to Allah since He remembers and knows every single thing.

And after the exams,dont go pondering the mistakes you think you had done and dont discuss them back,but its not wrong to chit chat about them,

most important,just dont be too hard to yourself,

you are genius and genuine and i put full trust on you,

take care dear sister nabiela husna,

and deepest apologies for the late reply.

Love Aqeelah

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nadhirah said...

oh ni gmbar una rupanye! dari jauh mcm kiki!