Saturday, September 17, 2011

| EGYPT as it is

we were just celebrating Malaysian Day last night and on the exact day an ukhti showed us this video
we believe that Islam will soon and somehow rise up again
but what do we do along the way?

It's not easy to install faith an imaan in us
even Rasulullah took 13 years to keep on doing that,
we only took 13 days and we see the light of giving up already

Yes, that is what we definitely need, reminders to keep on reminding how Jannah is our solution.

Dear friends,
please do remind me and others that we need to unite to have Islam rise.
also do remind that this road is not easy and full of 'onak duri'
and take care of our friends and family
and to other human beings
and to the environment around us, the trees,oceans
and most important, our relation with Allah
silah matinul billah

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