Tuesday, July 12, 2011

| love is all around us


Out of the virus in the world,the most dangerous and preposterous virus is human's love.Love can make you go astray.Love can destroy a beautiful relationship.Love can just make you drive a way from reality.

But why do people fall for human's love .It's not eternity.It's surreal.

Love is unstoppable,but please,please dear sisters,love Allah first,and you will love all the people around you because of Him,inshaAllah.

ukhwah fillah


Cangkir Kertas said...

Put conscience upon human love, then you got a True Love...it is God's love. Nice post..

Aqeelah said...

yes cangkir kertas,absolutely,and His love is a never ending story because it He continues to love us endlessly