Monday, July 25, 2011

| a lovable ukhti

Sanah Helwah Ya Ukhti

Dearest Liyana,

I rarely do birthday greetings,but you are a little special *winks*
We've known each other for 2 solid years and it was a blast knowing the calm-and-quiet girl who actually seems to be a funky and loud lady!
I'm glad to know you more on this tarbiah road,
how the langkawi jaulah made me know you better and love you more.
Not to say my love is easy to get,but the love to you spills in my heart,that is the beauty when you love someone because of Him.
And every time we talk together you always give me advises that touches my heart,your blog posts are superb and your photographs are amazing.
All in all,I'm just glad to know you.

Until we meet again dear

Love Aqeelah.


Anonymous said...

subhanallah. I'm so touched dearest ! tsk tsk

knowing you is one of the best thing in my life too. your strength and your courage always been an inspire to me. you are always patient, strong and ready to listen anytime. talking and sharing with you is really nice and sweet :) you know how to really touch people at their heart --> logam terbaik! hehe.

i love you for the sake of Allah. Thank you Allah for this beautiful ukhwah. I pray that your new life soon will be great, lots of tarbiyyah waiting and as sweet as imaan <3

p/s : my blog posts are not superb. they are mostly emotional. haha. yours are great!

love, liyana.

Akhawat Muharikah said...

d first time i talk 2 liyana,its hard 2 believe that that she is quite talkative oso..huhu
gentle and grateful that tarbiyah bring all of us together!
u 2 aqeelah,jaulah 2 langkawi made me knew you better..

Aqeelah said...

liyana : welcome,may allah bless you and we meet in peace inshaAllah

akhwt muharikah : betul3,liyana sgt keibuan,jap ni keon ke thina?