Saturday, July 30, 2011

| I need you

I have my own battle,trying to control my nafs
I just sinned,and kept on sinning
I'm such an ungrateful servant
And all I can do is burst into tears :'(
I need someone,and I know that I need you Ya Allah
I need you badly

Ramadhan is approaching and instead of whining
I should be preparing
to recharge my imaan
so that I can meet you Ya Allah
in the Day of judgement
Oh Allah,
I need you badly

I'm sorry Ya Allah,
I'm taking for granted the chances I had
My nafs is out of control
and what do I do?
following my nafs bluntly instead of returning to you
my bad , Ya Allah
I'm repenting and I'm regretting
of my stupidity and misconceptions
will you forgive me Ya Allah
yes , please forgive me (whispering)
I just need you so badly


nadhirah said...

wow :D
thank you very much kiki for th post.
really really really inspiring.
love, Nad.

Aqeelah said...

gosh sometimes I just wanna hug each and one of muharikah you know this instant!
especially when I'm feeling as sad as right now,sorry for my rage sometimes,you are such a good friend my dear,continue being one
jazakillah nad!