Saturday, June 18, 2011

| of shadows and mirage

in the name name of Allah the AlMighty,
Alhamdulillah,again its been a fortnight being in UPM and 'aal is well',but I loathe myself for the crap time management.The fact that I start class as early as 8 in the morning up until 7 night,and during the night I get tired and drowsy to even open my eyes so I end up sleeping eventually.theres never enough time to read the quran or books like raheeq makhtum or amru khalid's collection,theres just doesn't seem to have enough time to revise or to do df since there is still no usrah over here.but unfortunately there is always time to have fun or to 
talk,to laugh but most deceiving is that there is always time to gossip!


and I take back my tears and wipe the remainding ones,who am I to blame for being distance with Allah?who am i to blame if things aren't going well due to the bad strategy,who am I to blame for? tell me again?

even though it hurts and stings,there is someone to blame on,

no other than,

myself fullstop

I'm tired of being busied with the dunya,trying so hard to get good grades until you had no time to recite the quran,trying so hard to reach class early until you skip jemaah prayer ,and waking up so late due to the staying up all night to revise.what are all these for?

inner satisfaction!

and why inner staisfaction become so bad is because it makes us want to be seen flawless,it makes us want to look perfect and whats more unfortunate,it makes us become and ungrateful brat and someone who is never happy of anything they get,albeit as big as an atom.So,since Rejab is nearly an end and its slowly creeping into Shaaban,oh and I can already see Ramadhan peeping!How excited I am!Together lets spend most of our time devoted to our most Gracious,Allah!

sedang Muaz b Jabal sendiri mengingatkan pada sahabat lainnya untuk;
"ijlis bina... nu'min sa'ah.." --- muntalaq
*mari duduk sebentar, kita beriman sejenak..*

dan Ibnu Rawahah menyahut panggilan Muaz b Jabal ini dengan mengingatkan;
"ta'ala nu'min sa'ah... innalqulub asra'u tuqalliban minalqadr izha"
*mari beriman sebentar, sesungguhnya hati lebih cepat berbolak-balik dari isi periuk yang menggelegak.*

so lets together beriman sejenak and try to reveal our shadow so that we are not effected by our own shadow,InshaAllah

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NorAthina said...


stay strong, this is only the beginning phase..insyaAllah.

hey i just got a private task where i need to perform this alone, by myself.. Hu, dont know how to start..

I'll story to you insyaAllah, till we meet again ^_^. Is it possible for me to visit you in UPM? huhu

Afraid that it might get disturbing