Friday, May 6, 2011

| circle of love

the world is unfair or am I seeking excuses?sadly,I am blaming all the things that I grasp and let it fade in thin air.Its so hard to be ungrateful yet its so easy to be unsatisfied.

I want to change.I want to turn over a new leaf.But alas,I'm feared of my own self.Imagine living in your own fear?!

Since i was in high school,I was never put among the top scorers.Never.Maybe the laziness and playful acts lead to my worse results.But Alhamdulillah,I knew,with Allah's power,He saved the Day.He loved me in His own way,SubhanaAllah!

And now,here in college,the same thing is happening,only I've never been pressured this much before.I think my tank of iman is running out of fuel yet I'm not even putting enough endevour to fill it up.

Until just now,the happy circle with my usrah kids,exponentially fed the soul.everyone was in tears after one after the other start telling stories of what had happened to them during that week,subhanaAllah.

how peoples eyes are wide open just to find faults in us.
how people out there are so curious with what we are doing.
how people wanted to be nice and return to their fitrah,but too indulged in the dunya full of lies and false hopes.

but its ok sisters,Allah is always with us no matter what.

how kak ain told me and my sisters,how our varied behaviour doesn't trouble her one bit.
and i think its time for me to say to you guys,that all of you are jus like a box of chocolates with different tastes,mint,dark chocolate,white chocolate and etc,
all in all,you're all so SWEET.

(they are not chocolates but they're sweet pancakes)

fatin,lily,iqa,ainin,fiqah,adie,hanan and haz

our heart knots will be tied forever insyaAllah.


Nurul Wahida said...

I'm feared of my own self.Imagine living in your own fear?!

last2 jadi awkward semacam nge usrahmates hop baru. padahal klu xduk dale usrah okey je ko. tapi bilo duk dale usrah, kaku semace jah..

shesh! =_+'' my bad2

pah so agi, nk approach oghe pun susoh. sbb takut nga penolakan oghe. aiyah!

miza said...

qq3!! ak nk jd sweet jugak..har3!