Wednesday, April 6, 2011

| leaving on a jet plane

saying good bye or farewells always end up in tears,waving my atok and nenek good bye at the firefly subang airport made me put some courage to hold back the tears.

would it be the last good bye?

as the automatic door of the departure room closes and the image of nenek and atok fades away,i know i couldn't spill a tear,I'm big and grown up,why be so mushy over these kind of things.

but my heart is spilled of love and tender towards them,they could win the world's best grandparents!but what did I do?I took their love for granted.

I hope being the eldest among the grandchildren and being the trend setter.It ain't easy as it is all in Allah's power.He knows what will happen way ahead of us and thats the best for us.I don't want to take anything else more for granted.

Nenek prepared the best dish before she left us.Nasi Kerabu.

Nenek was so enlightened to see me,since I suddenly popped out of no where in the middle of the week.

Nenek embraced me so tight I felt like I never want to let her go

Atok gave the sweetest smile he has ever given.

Atok was so overjoyed and happy all day long.

I love my grandparents too much,they are unconditionally loved!

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Amanina said...

i miss my grandparents too :(