Sunday, November 7, 2010

we are what we eat

whenever everyone's home,abah will start rocking the kitchen.he prepared us an amazing lunch for us all,again!Even una's friends who came all over from terengganu was amazed with abah and the food he was very finger licking ans scrumptious,there were fried prawns,'3 rasa' fish,soup ,roast chicken,salad and bandung to top up with.we ate till our tummy could barely say 'stop' because there was too much to eat!i'm proud of my abah because he is the world's best chef,woohoo!

itulah sebabnya saya suka balik,makan di rumah penuh dengan barakah dan kasih sayang!di ktt,hari-hari makan di malay cafe or mamak cafe or even mak cik is not very appetizing,but then when we have very limited choices then you have to just simply bare with it.If we talk about cleanliness pun,di rumah jauh lebih hygenic compared to cafe's or stalls!again i'm not complaining but frankly speaking,those who sell food to people have to act like they are in these customers shoes,take care of your hygiene,halalan toyyiban dan jangan cekik darah sangat,biar harga berpatutan.

ok back to the moral of the story,its just that i was flipping the newspaper the other day and i found out one verse that refers to what we eat

surah al mu'minuun,ayat 51

hai para rasul,makanlah daripada makanan yang baik dan kerjakanlah amalan soleh.sesungguhnya Aku Maha Mengetahui apa yang kalian kerjakan

so it shows how concern Allah is towards our dietary and that what we eat determines who we are or what we do.when we take care of our food and eating habits,not only do we get healthy and able to do daily chores,but we get barakah from Allah,so its just like buying one thing and getting free two things,who doesnt want it?

suddenly my tummy grumbles and my minds starts to think what to eat tomorrow,ermm yum yum!

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