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the smell of the kitchen makes my tummy grumbles!

i'm at home with my used-to-be-grumpy-but-now-easy-going abah,my outgoing-active-sometimes-nagging ummi,my poetic-freak-of-Shakespeare ifah,my well-mannered maryam,my lovable,adorable brother ahmad and my sweet-smiling una are at home,hence,everything fits perfectly well.

their warmth radiates deep down inside me and i'm just glad i was raised up in this family.i'm always grumbling,ungrateful, but i forget that besides the grumbles and ungratefulness,there are thousand more splendid things that happen to me as being part of Nordin's family its just a matter of being happy with what you have!

after a rough morning on the train and stopping by at midvalley,all the way from sepang to the furthest of shah alam,it was a long morning yet i safely reached home.

moving on,
i met up with ayah ming and his family at home,they were staying in a hotel in sunway and like abah quoted,'ayah ming,tak pernah miss holiday',it was true,its like precision in physics where all the the points hit the true value,where the same thing goes to him,he never misses to bring his family on a holiday despite where it is.sue dah was also home and she was as plump as ever,teehee!

as night fell,i made a quick phone call with shakira,well our conversation did reach one hour yet a lot of stuffs we talked about,and i had a lot catching up.just two words to my dear best friend,hang on dear!it is not easy coping with the current life,but you'll catch the rainbow over the thunderstorm,you just need faith and Allah is with us all,insyaAllah

over dinner,ummi gave us a brief tazkirah,she said,our heart need to be full of these things,they are,keimanan,we need to feed our heart with soul like the quran recitation,hadis recitation,jemaah prayers,usrah,jualah,daurah and etc,next, feeding the heart with love,or kasih sayang ,whenever we look at our family,relatives,friends,neighbours or even strangers,we need to feel the bond of love no matter what,that is why in islam,ukhwah is very important,whatever relationship we have ,it must always be ukhwah fillah!and lastly harapan or hope,everyone hopes ,its not a crime,but dreaming away to lala land and wanting to be a princess with her maids aiding her with her life is too much,hope is about to what extent you want your life too be,my adik usrah once shared with us her aim during the old days in one of our daurah,

"dulu,cikgu saya pernah kata,belajar elok-elok nanti masuk university,lalu,saya belajar,belajar dan belajar tnapa mengira waktu dan alhamdulillah saya hampir mengecapinya dan diterima ke sebuah kolej untuk persediaan,dan waktu persediaan pula,pensyarah saya kata,belajar betul-betul nanti jadi doktor,dan saya kian belajar terus menerus tanpa menoleh kiri kanan namun,saya hairan masakan matlamat kita boleh berubah mengikut tempoh waktu,sehinggalah sekarang saya tahu matlamat sebenar hidp di dunia yang fana dan sementara ini,untuk menjadi khalifah yang mengamalkan konsep amar maaruf nahi munkar dan abid iaitu beribadah kepada Allah azzawajjala"

so what about us?have we found the hope that we are hoping for?have we finished hoping or are we renewing our hope every minute and day?to what extent do we want our hope to be?whatever it is,niyah it for the sake of Allah.

and lastly i just love the laughs and giggles of my brother,Ahmad,we were watching nigahiga and he was like rolling on the floor.

it's good to be home.


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