Tuesday, November 2, 2010

selamat bermujahadah

berjihad to be a mujahid or a mujahadah.what is jihad?have you ever wondered what on earth it actually is?
well,simply put in words,jihad is the urge to fight against things that make you drifted away to lala land,like having too much entertainment,talking too much about others that isn't your business,sleeping too much until you get a headache.it isn't as easy as written or said but it has to be done.
well,time isn't something that you can ask for,its not like if you do a mistake,the time can be rewinded.but then,that's why Allah the most Gracious bersifat maghfirah,pengampun,he gives us second chances to redo the mistakes we did.
but then again,just because Allah gives us second chances,doesn't mean that we have the right to keep on doing the mistakes?No,of course not!that is why we play our role to be aware of our own actions,and keep questioning to ourselves,
"if i wear this,will i look tempting?"
"if i say this,does it give benefit to others?"
"if i do this,will it save time?"

and the list continues and you just have to keep on popping up questions to yourself.but then again,bermujahadah isn't easy and it you really need to put effort and you have to be determined enough to get rid of the surroundings that might make you into a worse someone.

so,selamat bermujahadah.

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