Friday, November 26, 2010

a perfect ending for an uber beginning

scrubbing  and scraping the dirt and germs off the panes in the toilet made me realise and white really have a different,and to think all this while , in front of our eyes,sins we do indeliberately or without noticing it, actually dirt our heart out!but how often do we clean this dear thing,how often do we reformat or scrape the bad things or easy said the 'jahilliyyah' out of the heart?

i always complain that i'm insufficient of knowlegde to spread the words of islam due to lack of 'filling up',but to one extent,i realise that i'm always with excuses,the predicament is within me,not with the knowledge gained.sometimes, it doesn't mean we need to go to a faraway land to gain experience,but just by climbing the hill of ktt gives you tarbiyyah that you don't often get!

and the moment we grab Allah's hidayah or we get that particular tarbiyyah,we need to spread the words of Islam straight away,that's why in our phase of life,we get to be a mutarabbi and then we have to be a murabbi to another generation of mutarabbi.Alhamdulillah,I'm trying to go through the second phase and I really hope that our mad'u ,me and athina,will also be a murabbi eventually to another layer of generation,InsyaAllah.And while we are busily stacking this blocks of building,we get to rise the Islam's Empire to an extent which is the similar or even better to the time of abbasiyyah,at that time,Islam was the talk of the town and people everywhere was expressing ad-deen,as the way of life.but according to the current status quo,people are slaving themselves to the west,naudzubillah min zalik that we are one them.

I was flipping the newspaper this morning when an article caught my eyes.It was about the life and obstacle faced by muallafs,and one section was about abdul rauf abdullah,seorang pendakwah bebas.his words was so meaningful that it nearly made me burst into tears,he said,
"bayangkan dalam jutaan manusia,Allah memilih kita untuk menjadi umat Nabi Muhammad SAW,seharusnya tiket yang diperoleh apabila bergelar Muslim digunakan sebaik-baiknya untuk berdakwah serta memberi kebaikan kepada orang lain,walau apa juga cabaran mendatang,tetapkan pegangan kepada yang satu iaitu Allah,"
SubhanAllah,and these are the words of someone who has been a muslim for a couple of years,what about us?what about me?what about us who have been forever a muslim,isyaAllah,have I ever stored that in my heart?

so,before I start the adventures towards south peninsula,jaulah muharikah,I just want you and me,to clarify our niat regarding our work as a da'ie,and pray for my sincerity in seeking Allah throughout the journey insyaAllah!

jazakillah for the splendid meal last night,alhamdulillah we accomplished part of the mission,we'll the other half next time insyaAllah.kudos to chef athina,kown,ilan and nad for the superb mee soup and 'sagu'special!

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