Sunday, November 7, 2010

a mere shout out!

i'm being nosy again,but could someone tell me,how on earth can your heart change it's feelings as fast as an a.c circuit does.which alternates less than zero point two nano second,which is way too fast,or am i judging wrongly and from a different perspective.

someone once said,you were the only hope for a better future in that place,a place full of unbalanced judgements,a secular place which puts religion and life as two different things.don't try to seek for the soul for Allah's sake,here's an idea,why don't you be the soul for a start?

islam itu syumul!

ad-deen is the way of life,thus i hope you do some rechecking on yourself,hey go check yourself and if you think you're good enough,do some rechecking!

i'm not trying to be a good girl nor am i a trying to be perfect,i was just frustrated with you and i guess that someone would also shake the head with dismay.

this is a mere shout out.

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