Monday, November 22, 2010

love letter to my sister

dear ifah,

23rd november is your D-day right?i was once in your place,all freakish to enter the hall with nothing but yourself and Allah,i was once in you place scribbling here and there on the papers given by the lembaga peperiksaan,i was once in your place,feeling blunt and out of ideas,and sometimes gushing with ideas too,i was once in your place,screaming your heart out because you misunderstood a question or forgot to put a fullstop in a sentence,i was also once in your place,seeking blessings from teachers,parents and calling them nearly everyday to tell what happened,i was once in you place,where for once i felt totally gloomy to apart with friends and to actually leave school life!
and now i end up here.

your a big girl now,big as can be,blooming as ever,i'm lucky to have you as a sister and no matter what happened between us,i love you so much ifah!(OMG i feel a prick in the eyes),i know we always have different taste and we always disagree but on top of it,its always precious when you laugh.

i always start a row with you or start picking on you,and i know i have to change it no matter what,but thanks for coping with me.i haven't been a good kak long all along but i'm trying.i know i'm acting all kakak mithali right now but this is sincerely from me.

you are really smart ifah,and your writings touch the hearts.don't forget to touch the hearts of the examiners and try to do the best you can.i still remembered when i called you during pmr,where i was sitting for my spm,you were real scared that time and i was glad i could say something to you,at least.

i'll always be here for you ifah and i hope you face spm with your big heart,i am so sorry for any wrongdoings and i forgive you too.

may Allah be with you

good luck for this coming tuesday!


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