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aidiladha dessert!

Lunch was superb and delicious!blended with laughters and love,i was happy all along and the feeling of get together was expressed deeply,
we had
spagetti bolognese
mixed fruit cocktail
kek batik
fried mee hoon
lemang and lots of lemang with rendang
popia papa kown and mama ilan
orange juice
to top it all up,it rained!
hujan rahmat petang-petang raya katanya...

when I was small i always chanted with my friends

its raining,its pouring
the old man is snoring
he went to bed,and bumped his head
and never got up in the morning

and it was the good old days,
coming back to reality,i don't really bother when it rains to be frank,what i know is that,when it rains,its best to snuggle back in bed and have a nap!
a real long nap.

until,nad went to my house and was jumping back and forth,hopping happily and admiring the rain so much.she quickly opened the sliding door and looked beyond our verandah.

she was as quiet as mice and looking at the rain with such peace.i decided to join her and stood beside her and looked at the rain,showering down on earth.

nad said,"kita suka hujan sebab ada orang kata,bila hujan,malaikat boleh kira every drop of rain tapi rahmat Allah,tak terkira"

it shows how uncountable and zillionth of blessings given by Allah and the angels can't even count them.


nad continued"kalau hujan,kita suka tiga benda,tengok hujan turun,rasa sejuk and dingin hujan menyelubungi kita dan bunyi derapan air hujan,sebab itu kalau tengok(dia pun tutup sliding door and peeped through the glass)tak best tengok macam tu,kena tengok (lalu dia buka sliding door seluas-luasnya)macam ni,"

Again,it remembered of me to the 179th verse of surah al-a'raaf

"dan sungguh akan kami isi neraka jahanam banyak dari segi jin dan manusia.mereka memiliki hati tetapi tidak dipergunakannya untuk memahami (ayat-ayat Allah) dan mereka memiliki mata(tetapi)tidak dipergunakan untuk melihat(tanda-tanda kekuasaan Allah),dan mereka mempunyai telinga(tetapi) tidak dipergunakannya untuk memdengarkan  (ayat-ayat Allah).Mereka seperti haiwan ternak,bahkan lebih sesat lagi.Mereka itulah orang-orang yang lengah."

we learn from nature.nature plays a big niche in making us feel closer to Allah,no matter what we look at,either the rain,the sea,the snow or even tsunami and the latest gunung berapi merapi,there is a blessing in disguise.ada pengajaran Allah di situ,kita perlu tengok dengan mata hati and think,sesungguhnya alam ini untuk orang-orang yang berfikir.

thanks nad for sharing,just now,i felt a jolt in my heart when i looked at the rain,i should look at the rain more often,there's a lot of things Allah is leading us to.jazakillah ukhti.


can't wait for the puding roti and custard sauce!


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