Sunday, October 10, 2010

raihan in shah alam!

raihan brothers

alhamdulillah,their melody soothes my ears.completely.after more than decades being in the industry.their songs are evergreen.peristiwa subuh for instant,i've been humming that song since i was 5.i mean,i still remember that when i came back to nenek's home that summer,my aunts have been exposing the song to me.and now,i'm 19 years old.big as can be,physically and mentally,and i sing this song,still!i even sang it during a nasyid competition in college.we managed to grab the first runner up,and we're happy.albeit,it shows the song lives.

above,puji-pujian was one of my favourites and plus this time,i get to hear it live by bro amran and his clan and they sang from their heart i suppose because my heart made a somersault whenever the chorus reach  'ucapkan allahhuakbar!'

sebenarnya lagu ini pun still bagi message yang sama dengan previous post
'lihatlah alam terbentang luas'

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