Saturday, October 30, 2010

picnic in college

they came!abah,ummi,maryam,ahmad,sue dah,all the way from shah alam.after a whole miserable week in ktt,it vanished within the second they reached my college,subhanaAllah,penangan family memang kuat!

mind you this was at ktt!and everyone came including sue dah,una and ifah didn't because of school and tuition.
the atmosphere in ktt is stiff and cold,everyone is having their predicaments and exploding here and there,tears spalshing everywhere,by the end of the day,you'll just be left alone and you know for sure that you aren't.Allah has always been with us.

ya khaliq,i've been selfish for the past few months and i won't let it to continue.

the transmission cycle will be broken!

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