Sunday, October 10, 2010

moments in shah alam

ifah!please take what i said seriously,ohana!

air tangan ummi,the one who carried me in her wombs.

i'm always saying things and doing things without thinking thoroughly,but i guess after thinking and rethinking,i made the right decision.i need a hiatus.i need some self one will miss me don't worry.i need to revive myself.too much amalgamation of emotions have made me step back a few steps back.nantilah,i'm not ready for any breeze walk in front.

i just finish texting shakira.i miss her big times.and there's so much stories and things i need catching up i'm in despair to meet her.

i'm tired putting on a really aches when you are not act being nice when you are not that entirely act being concerned when you are not that concerned.but whats most heart braking is that they take you for granted.its nearly about time you explode and you can't stop yourself from being too.

i hate being amidst people who take me as a passer by in life.i really hope to be a person they will treasure for their entire life.Hey kita satu akidah ok!the bond is there no matter what.we are akhawat.

i'm really turning into a sensitive shit.i can't even bear looking at the pictures from our field trip.there's just no soul in to mr zaini , zeroth law is applicable now.there's no warmth in it.all i can see is my smiling face that radiating smiles.and just that.there's no sincerity.

sadly,did i sit for a while and taddhabur alam.did i sit for a while and appreciate the nature.

sesungguhnya,alam ini dihamparkan untuk kita,manusia,semua isi dalamnya untuk kita,hamba hambaNya yang berfikir.

adakah aku antara hamba-hamba yang berfikir?


miss kace said...

jom tbek nga ak!!
lvel rindoo ni overboard doh niii!!

miss kace said...

nway,semakin cntk qeelah nw ek!
bravo my girl!!:)

Aqeelah said...

aku pon over level gok!!

sape cntk ni mg ke aku?

koya mg ni mg comel lotey cantik banga!