Saturday, September 18, 2010

what is with this 20 number?

di kawasan kejiranan saya , ada kes meninggal dunia kerana sakit asma.kata abah , maybe it was due to overflooding of 'open house', so there is nearly all sorts of food and that can harm a person indirectly.tambah abah , especially nuts,nuts is a very dangerous food not all can eat nuts as much as they want.baiklah abah!
say no to nuts!
but ada informasi lagi yang buat aku terkesima.the guy was a UTP student in his second year.and he was 20.


oh yes i said it right , 20

and that is a big twenty!

but he is gone.

he no longer exists in this world full of sins and wahan.

innalillahi wainnailahi raji'un.


may Allah splash him with rahmah and maghfirah,InsyaAllah

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