Sunday, September 12, 2010

suatu hari di hari raya

it is third 3rd syawal and its good to be in wakaf bharu!after several obstacles,bateri kering,tayar pancit and so on so forth,we reached kampong at last.i got to hug nenek,aunts,ifah,una,yam and ahmad and hirup soup gearbox!best tahap teragiga!

here are a few pictures throughout the 10 days.

 getting on MAS Airlines to jeddah

 arrived at jeddah around six thirty pm local time

 our 'fondok' at medina

 the gate we always use to enter masjidil nabawi

 plastic bags with clothes and daily uses for those who 'iktikaf' at the masjid which are hanged at the gates

 perkuburan baqi'

 SubhanaAllah! the Baitullah

 ticktock the tallest tower on earth!

 on Kuwait Airways back to Malaysia

anyway,I'll guess I'll just put out the pictures before I go on telling the tales i've been having in the most magnificent and holy country,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Loads of things happened!so for the time being,a big thanks to those who wished me from ktt,pc'e,farah,raihan,aishah,tya and also those i didn't mention here.Lots of love to you all and Eid Mubarak!

Love and Kisses from big Sis

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