Friday, September 17, 2010

situasi di plaza alam sentral
tingkat 3

'kak berapa harga fon ni?'
'dalam xxx tapi boleh kurang lagi dik'

akak tu pun promote bagai nak rak

I wasn't going to buy it anyway because I was just doing surveys on several phones,but then,suddenly out of the blue she offered to 'book' the phone,so I did and rupa rupanya kena bayar deposit.

without thinking,i agreed and just stupidly paid 50 ringgit

after going elsewhere I returned to that particular floor to find abah's charger,then i saw the same phone with such a cheaper price and best bargain.MasyaAllah,my feelings was mixed and I wanted to cry,so I went to that kakak's place

'akak saya nak cancel!'
'huh?dah tempah dah phone,tak boleh cancel'
'ala kak,kalau ye pon saya tak nak beli jugak!'
dia call and talked rubbish apa entah dengan boss dia
'ok dah settle tapi bagi balik 20 je'
'huh!kenapa tak semua'
'sepatutnya awak memang tak dapat balik deposit,burned habis'
'so tak bolehla 50 balik'
'tak boleh,20 je'

dunia business kotor!whats wrong with returning the whole thing.but it was my fault,she did say something about not returning the deposit money if there was any cancellation but still I was pissed off!ummi came to the rescue and still there was nothing that could be done.may that akak get her lesson somehow!

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