Saturday, September 18, 2010

personal predicaments

i was off to bed last night and before that I did some surfing on the web.I came across a friend of mine's page and got to know that she just tied the knot with some guy , somewhere.

she is just 20 fullstop

i repeat 20 and that is a big twenty!

I just got to be 19 a few days ago and in days less than 365,I will turn into this big 20 too!

the issue here is that,this lady in 20 has already got married,got a hubby,have to do her wife matters,cooking,cleaning,manage a family,study and a whole bunch of other thing wrapped in I tried putting myself in her shoes,but I shook my head in disbelief!

OMG! and that is a gigantic OMG!

I can't cook well,I'm not good in things like paying bills,buying lands,buying shares,sewing clothes,drive a car and the list is not that I can't but some of the things I mentioned are stuffs i never even did before.It's just that I'm totally not ready to become a wife or become my child's mother.

ok,maybe some will say,skills polish along the you grow,experiences teaches you to become a better person.

but still,can I do it?me?

Still,as i have entered tarbiyyah world,I need to do a whole tremendously sort of I step on the maratib amal,

individu muslim is definitely not settled yet to move on to baitul muslim

as I read blogs of akhawats,they do a lot of things before even thinking of managing a family.they sacrifice nearly their whole life devoted to Allah and spread the words of islam to others.they face various obstacles and being in tears is nearly a must.In daylight they do da'wah and at night,they will date with the One and only,Allah Azza wajalla.

Subhanallah,these akhawat really made me bear in mind to carry on my life as a da'ie onwards facing countless things and never rest or be on hiatus especially on useless occasions like entertainment and stuffs like that.

so the issue of marriage never arise,it's not true to say I'm too young for this issue,but it is reasonable to say,I have a long journey and I have a lot of things to be prepared.

in surah al balad,Allah has mentioned on the 10th verse

"bukankah kami telah menunjukkan kepadanya dua jalan (kebajikan dan keburukan)"

so I leave you and myself to keep on thinking where to head too and ensure that we lead the right path.InsyaAllah

ada ke orang kahwin pakai abaya hitam? am I allowed to wear it though?

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