Thursday, September 16, 2010


one word posted to me!


I thought nobody cared!Until I opened facebook.So many did care!For the time being,I guess my problem was that I'm a little old fashionist!I thought people wished birthday through phones, instead they use technologies,through facebook.Silly me,and to think I thought nobody cared.

It still counts!

It enlightened my day after having such a dull and rough one.

Thanks to all those who remembered me,I know on facebooks there are reminder and stuffs of people's birthday,but to actually post on my wall and say

Happy Birthday !

really puts a smile on my face =)

Jazakillah to all who did!

I know I'm making such a big fuss of my birthday,but it doesn't matters to me.It truly does.


a d h a nn i said...

Happy Belated Birthday Qilah..uhuhu...jgn sedey2 =)

Aqeelah said...

thanks akak!
hope I won't fuss anymore over teeny weeny matters.

munira said... wonder la mace excited bena thanks everyone tuhh.
qeelah2 :)