Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I noticed that as years passes by,Raya is not as meaningful as it used to be.But I always thought that birthdays last for ever.

until just now.

I'm definitely not complaining,but you have to bear with people not noticing its your special days and that people are busy having Raya celebrations to care about a minor event like my special day.

It is then that you know,Oh you really don't have as much friends as you think you do,and people care less to you than you think they do.

But I had a blast even though today was spent nearly three quarters on the road,because we returned to Shah Alam today,but besides I got loads of hugs and kisses from ummi and abah,uncles and aunts and my sisters.some friends did bother,I love you all!

Anyway,it is just a normal day to others,they don't bother,why should I?

Happy Birthday to me!

deep down inside,I don't care and the heart is scratched for the zillionth time.

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