Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the following days of eid

 this was actually during ramadhan,but i wanted to play bunga api too!

3rd syawal, this is alia tasnim during walimatul urus ayah yob.

 eventhough i'm not those who are creative,but i tried to be as creative as possible!
thank god i din't choose this as a career.

 took a picture near the hantarans,the theme was pink but it didn't turn out as pink as i thought.

this was during 4th syawal,we wanted to take a family picture,but we ended up taking it in the car,this was taken by Maryam herself so kudos to her because it did turn out as a something,didn't it?


miza said...

aku rindu kau like org gilak! haha

Aqeelah said...

aku pun!weh,miss you so much la!what to do?!adeh