Friday, May 22, 2009

down the memory lane[part 2]

I was helping my mum scanning her photos during her years in the US ,when I bumped into this photo of a friend of mine that I truly adore.

sharifah aiman al jafri syed ihsan

oh yeah she's the one wearing the red scarf.sweet isn't she!!from left:aiman,irfan(her sis),maryam,me,aishah

she's my age and we were together during primary school at SK Sura.Boy was that a long time ago and to think I'm about to start my uni years!!!She's now in England and after like more than half a decade not contacting her,we started contacting each other via email.I can't afford losing her again.The value of a friendship is indeed priceless!!


Aiman said...

Hello Aqeelah!
it's me aiman, haven't talked to you for a long time :( college is starting this september >__< have you applied for a scholarship yet? are you coming here?

Aqeelah said...

i dont think so
im settling down in KTT and...
wait why am i explaining it here
ill send a message via email k
love you aiman!!!

aiman said...

will be waiting for your email :)
miss ya!
ps: what's KTT stands for?

kumin alfi said...

her name came across my mind this morning, and goole brought me here ;D qeelah skrg contact aiman tak lagi? cmna kita nak contact dia?