Morning stroll

Its just moments till Ramadan. Blinking away and then the next thing you know it its already the fasting month. 

Today I decided to take a morning stroll and I was mesmerized by the sunshine showering its spread of ray on Akinabalu and its surrounding. Along the way I was listening to Ed Sheeran’s latest duet with Taylor Swift, The Joker and the queen. I was swooned with the song and the part where they sang, 

I know, you think that what makes a king is gold, 
A palace and diamond rings. 

It struck me, I always knew things like diamonds or golds has always grabbed people’s attention, usually because our eyes are drawn to those glittery and shimmery jewels besides the value of them which is indeed high. People would do anything just to own gold, or to live in a palace and wear expensive jewelleries, but the big question mark is, is it the ultimatum of happiness? 

Because know that these are things that does not last, unlike our personalities and our hearts, a golden heart can win a tonne of people, because it outshines and makes that person appear beautiful enough to grab ones attention.

And so does the view today, the sunshined like golden glitter  of akinabalu and its fellow hills has certainly made the morning fabulous! 

Tuesday, 18 Shaaban 1443
22 March 2022


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