hartal doktor kontrak 1.0

Hi, I am contract medical officer, with no guarantee of a permanent post. Hence hashtag hartaldoktorkontrak comes in.

On this day, I was at home due to home quarantine, 
i am not sure if i wasn't quarantined, would I be among those marching out from wokrplace?
In my area as I work in a health clinic in district area, those in contract post are minorities, 
so I know i'll be working, 
BUT, I know I support my colleagues doing the strike
because we do have the rights, 
we have been fighting behind the curtains for so long, 
and once this opportunity is given, we go for it,

I am certain I am not someone with a very aggressive who speaks out loud eventhough its to say the truth, 
i am quite of a hesitant,
i am quite of indecisive person,
I am not a spirit fighter, 
I am not saying that I am not scared of the future, 
but I know when I have the rights, I will fight for that, 
and I know to put on a proper fight, we need to be prepared,
with a gauntlet armour,

And if there is light at the end of the tunnel, 
and the permanent post is the solution,

May god guide is into doing what is right. 



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